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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 22, 2013 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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>> low cull official says the sinkhole is active and continues to grow. but he adds that homes aren't in any danger for now, of course. even so an evacuation route is planned. with good reason if you ask me. i would want to get out of there as soon as possible. i don't care if it is swal lowing trees in the bayou now. i can't imagine living anywhere near that. a sinkhole, growing, growing, growing and growing. residents tried to draw attention to it. hasn't been video. >> things don't just disappear. i will say yeah, they do. >> watch this video. >> youtube it. they do. >> the youngest player on the washington redskins player. >> meet the young man living a dream at the ripe old age of 8. why it is an age no one thought he would see. >> first, social networking site kids are flocking to. some say a magnet for bullies. you are watching "world news now." ♪ you can't hear me and all you're ever going to be is mean ♪
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♪ why you got to be so mean >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular.
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♪ why you got to be so mean >> a hot new website has parents and experts worried, is a wildly popular social networking site that may be linked to teen suicide. >> abc's reporter has more on making it easier for teens to bully each other. >> reporter: facebook, instagram and twitter are ubiquitous
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favorites for teens, they share photos, tips for home work or gossip. nows the latest place to share,, a site where teens can post anonymously without the prying eyes of parents. and this girl remembers the day she first logged on. >> it started off, everyone ask me questions on my ask. >> reporter: molly says innocent questions turned into brutal verbal assaults. slowly got worse and worse. i definitely would be sittingen my bed and cry. >> reporter: she is not alone. in just the past year, 6.3 million visitors, many of them young teens have logged on to the site as a way to bond with other teens. but also opening themselves up to anonymous bullying. >> teens look at that as an opportunity to do things that they never otherwise feel comfortable doing. >> reporter: the website which is also popular in europe has been mentioned in press reports in connection with at least 14 suicides in the uk and ireland. and here in the u.s.,
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16-year-old jessica lany's best friend said jessica took her own live after relentless online attacks. users posting verb us messages like, drink bleach. go get cancer. go die. however, the local sheriff's office says neither they, her parents, boyfriend, or school district were aware of any bullying in her life. >> it is a dangerous thing for some teenagers to go on these sites because they are met with such hostility and such ugly statements. >> reporter: outraged parents are pressuring for more accountability. and is listening. in an open letter the company said, quote, we are committed to ensuring that our site is a safe environment. we have implemented various measures over the past months to continue to improve our users safety. >> going to be aware of what your kids are doing.
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give them good advice. these people don't know you. you can't take anything they say serious. >> you have an upcoming tween. frightening. >> make sure i talk to her. >> what's frightening to parent. you see something like that. myself include i'd didn't know this existed. >> same here. i am curious if she knows. she is 10. sure she does. >> you brought this up. facebook has become a lame thing people don't want to do an more. so many things instead of facebook, instagram, vine videos, >> facebook is for goesers like us. >> got to stalk your kids on line. >> you do kind of. sad but true. when we come back, some fun, little alow ha. we'll travel to hawaii. >> celebrating america's 50th state with a trip to the beach. stay with us. why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks? it's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes.
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>> hula skirt. >> fifth mai thai. >> dancing. >> little green guy in here. throw back thursday going to hawaii. this week in 1959 it became america's 50th state. perfect climate and natural beauty. hawaii icing on the american cake. >> a lot we know about hawaii. a lot we don't. here are a couple fun facts we want to share with you allow the aloha state. >> history -- hawaii the only state to honor a monarch, united hawaii as a single nation in 1810, forged hawaiian identity. the followers, killed captain james cook. >> native culture is strong in hawaii. the only american state to have two official languages. english, hawaii, pigeon, samoan,
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tongan are spoken there. >> very diverse. volcanic activity. five active volcanoes in the state. the busiest one, as tre naugtro travel on the volcanoes, resemble surface of the moon. >> surfing invented in hawaii by polynesians, settled there thousand of years ago. first surfboard weighed 150 pound, ouch, measured 20 feet. pretty huge. >> little boat. >> how they stayed on the water. >> how did they make the things? >> sink? >> 2,400 miles away from los angeles. it actually is the most southernmost american state. has its own time zone. does not observe daylight savings time. i'm jealous. >> and who wouldn't want to vacation home there, i know i want one. plenty of slb ri tcelebrities,
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clint eastwood, woody haralson. >> we'll get an invite. hawaii is the only state to grow coffee. it has tropical rain forest. kona coffee one of the most expensive. and awesome. i have in kona. >> hula was a form of worship performed by highly trained men. hula means a dance on bended knee. >> hmm. hawaii captured the american imagination when it became a state. hollywood caught the fever in 1961 they released this movie. >> oh. ♪ feel the touch of your hand on mine ♪ ♪ aloha >> skinny elvis. pretty cool, right. there he is. music comedy. critics didn't think too much of it. finished tenth at the box office. >> elvis was in it. in 1972, "the brady bunch" mike
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brady sent to the island to work on a construction project. allowed to take his family. remember this? >> i do. >> what? >> did he make that up? >> i don't know. the show aired three episode centered on the hawaiian trip. introduced the american audience to all sights and wonders. >> dropping the popcorn in the woods. vincent price. man, oh, man. >> our hula skirts. you know you want to dance. >> i shouldn't be doing that. stick to drinking. tv theme music. when you hear it you will know what it is. i love this song. >> oh, yes. ♪ ♪ >> so cool. >> didn't they try to bring this back. longest running police drama on tv until "law & order" 1968 to
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1980. like i said, back. brand new hawaii 50 in the fourth season. >> nice time doing our little hawaii celebration. >> i did too. dance. >> we'll be right back. >> what do you think? >> i need one. ♪ way up high another one killed by lime scale.
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[ female announcer ] outlast stay fabulous from covergirl can. outlast is a primer, concealer and foundation all in one for all day flawless skin. outlast stay fabulous. [ sofia ] from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. ♪ ♪ >> finally this half-hour, dream come true for a little buy who survived a nightmare. it is our favorite story of the day. >> this little boy has a whole lot of time to make up. he is not wasting any tomb of it. from sister network, espn, and make a wish, chris conley has the story. >> down! set! hut!
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>> reporter: 8-year-old latife brock loves the game of football. >> people who would see him today would never know he has ben through so much. >> reporter: at birth latife was diagnosed with end stage renal disease. not expected to live beyond his first birthday. only last year, latife received a kidney transplant. what was that lake to go through? >> hard. painful. you know, all of that, that other stuff. >> reporter: latife told make a wish he would look to meet his favorite player, robert griffin iii of the redskins. on latife's big day, the team gives him a warm welcome, a contract and sweet signing bonus. >> i got what you want. you can actually take three. >> reporter: it is off to the locker room while some one is sneaking in just to meet latife. his hero. rg 3. >> what's up, man? >> what's up? >> how you doing?
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>> they go from the lockers to the practice facility. the child who spent his first seven years fighting for his life find himself throwing passes with his hero. >> you got arm on you. you might need to play quarterback. >> come here. >> reporter: then latife called on to the field by the coach. >> we are going to run the sweep see if you can take it in the end zone. >> reporter: latife has a play to run. he spins through the redskins defense. he can't be stopped. and scores. >> touchdown, latife brock. the boy who survived so much, now healthier and more active. ready to runful out and into a brighter future. >> give me some up top. >> reporter: chris conley, abc new, los angeles. >> the kid has game for real. see how fast. >> he can run. he can catch. >> got through that hole look a pro. >> my favorite thing. goes through the whole thing. the guys are stumbling over themselves. falling all over. >> i think they were falling, he is so fast. lightning.
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>> they were. such a wonderful story. thanks chris conley. >> should have held out for a bigger signing bonus. his agents. get him on to the redskins.
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> but that doesn't make any difference. you didn't hurt anybody. >> this morning on "world news now," calm in the face of chaos. for the first time hearing how one brave woman helped talk down a man armed to the teeth inside a school. plus -- >> for what it's worth, we're still behind you out here and i want you'd to know that you are in our prayers. >> reporter: insight into the unraveling of nixon's presidency, tapes and support he received in the midst of his downfall. >> a back to school fashion
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show. we will show you sharp clothe that will turn heads in the hallway this year. it's thursday, august 22nd. >> announcer: from abc new, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good thursday morning, everybody. a day away from the magic day. friday. we are getting there. >> pretty magical. not as magical as the weekend. any pig plabig plans for the we♪ >> just going to chill out. >> i don't have any big plans. spend more time with the family. >> you have been traveling a lot. nice to relax. >> had a couple trips. nice to not do anything this weekend. >> should we pay the bills. students returning to class this morning at a school near atlanta. newly released 911 tapes, and the harrowing few moments when a gunman threatened their safety. >> we hear more from the hero bookkeeper who helped prevent a tragedy. abc's tahman bradley. good morning. >> reporter: you are about to hear what happened when the
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gunman stormed inside the elementary school, terror and heroic acts of one of the school workers. the frightening moments at the elementary school captured on the 911 call. >> ooh, he just want outside and start shooting. >> the voice of antoinette tuff, bookkeeper at mcnair academy in georgia who talked the shooter down as children rushed to safety. >> i will let them know. but that doesn't make any different you didn't hit anybody. >> reporter: she even got personal with the gunman. don't feel bad baby, my husband left me after 33 years. >> reporter: police moved in and the man surrendered without incident. because of her heroics no one was hurt. the suspect is 20-year-old michael brandon hill seen here in this chilling new photo. police say he showed up ready to kill. >> the weapon has been recovered. we do have it. it is an ak-47 type assault rifle. he had approximately 500 rounds
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of ammo and couple magazines. >> reporter: hill has a history of mental health issues and troubled past a rested earlier this year for alleged terrorist threats and acts. his brother says it was only a matter of time before he went off. >> i had a feeling he was going to eventually one day do something stupid. but not this magnitude. >> reporter: police say the suspect has given them a statement. but they say they can't release it. hill was facing a number of charges including making terrorist threats and aggravated assault on a police officer. diana, john. >> thank you. really incredible. we talked about this earlier, she yesterday from everything we w in her interviews we just, this woman is magnificent. unbelievable. >> calm, cool, calm collected. >> an angel. after hearing the 911 tapes even more profoundly affected by how amazing she is. >> at the end of the 911 tapes you hear how harrowing this was she starts to break down. relief in her, in her voice. this is what i think is very interesting. aside from his brother we
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haven't heard about the parents. i don't know there were any parent figures in his life. there was a station able to talk to a woman he lived with for several months in his late teens. only persothat talked about his character outside of his brother who says this is out of character for michael. >> she said the same thing. >> she thinks this was a plea for help. he was trying to get attention he needed help. he told antoinette, he was off his medication. >> hope he gets some help. and hope, yeah, there is more people like that woman there to talk people down if they make mistakes. >> every single school. for sure. moving on to syria and claims the government has used toxic gas to kill more than 100 people including women and children. rebels released graphic images of what they claim is the aftermath of the attack. the u.s. and other nations are demanding u.n. experts already in the country be granted access to the area where rebels say all of this took place. the syrian government denies it used chemical weapons. >> former egyptian president
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hosni mubarak won't be a free man when released from prison as early as today. the prime ministered or ed the 85-year-old former leader be put under house arrest. it is not clear if that will be at home or the hospital kidding his frail health. >> the obama administration announcing a full review of all u.s. surveillance programs many controversial programs were brought to light by nsa leaker edward snowden. security experts and former white house officials will report findings and offercommen the year. the announcement a day after nsa declassified three court opinions and it proves how the agency reports its own errors and is rebuked for them. the army private who looekd documents to wikileaks has been handed the stiffest punishment ever for leaking government secrets to the media. a military judge, fort mead, maryland, sentencing bradley manning to 35 years in prison. the 25-year-old told lawyers this is a stage.
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manning's lawyers say he will be eligible for parole in seven years. >> another military courtroom at fort hood, army psychologist on trial for killing 13 in a shooting rampage rested without mounting a defense. major nidal hasan never denied opening fire on fellow soldiers. when asked by the judge how he weshd to pre seed, hasan acting as his own attorney, answered the defense rests. >> out of control wildfire burning in yosemite national park is 5% contained. the fire has grown to 25 square miles. it threatens homes, hotels, camp buildings. while the area is remote the blaze led to voluntary evacuation of several camps two campground and dozens of other private homes. >> vice president biden's son beau expected to return home to delaware today after being released from the hospital in houston. there weren't many details right now about what treatment he received. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: beau biden was last seen in public monday night.
3:03 am
efting dinner with his vice president father joe near the md anderson cancer center in houston. the vague statement from the vice president and his wife, yesterday our son beau underwent a successful procedure. he is in great shape and is going to be discharged heading home to delaware. monday his office said, the younger biden was undergoing tests after feeling weak and disoriented. biden narrowly escaped death as a chide during a terrible traffic accident that killed his mother and sister. then he suffered a stroke three years ago and just this month emergency vehicles dispatched to his delaware home after a 911 call mentioned stroke again. vice president biden had a brain aneurysm himself at age 35. he is with his son. the president called joe biden to wish his son well. but the only word from beau himself came on his twitter account. quote, touched by all your well wishes. thank you. jim avila, abc news, the white house. >> german tourist attacked by a shark off hawaii has died.
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the 20-year-old woman snorkeling when the shark bit her right arm off. happened a week ago. on life support ever since. hawaii officials plan to spend two years studying tiger shark movements around maui amid a spike in shark attacks. >> dozens of sixth grade girls in northeast kansas recovering from a scare yesterday when their school bus overturned. the girls from a private school in kansas city, missouri were headed to a camp out when their bus slid off the connecting ramp. act of 30 girls on board were injured. none of the injuries are considered serious. >> this next story either amaze og amazingly stupid. we'll let you decide. happened yesterday in the skies overing enland. >> a pair of 9-year-old couples, the youngest formation wing walker and third jen ration of their families to wing walk on those very same planes which are owned by their grandfather. >> girls called it really fun. and really windy. we guess that is understandable. she said it was a once in a lifetime experience.
3:05 am
>> poor girls. >> hopefully once in a lifetime experience. >> never again. >> coming up before you hit the mall. help you do planning for good old back to school outfits. our "world news now" back to school fashion show is coming up. >> first, turning back time. listen in on president nixon's phone calls as his presidency was crumbling. you are watching "world news now." ♪ in our hour of pain ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. [ male announcer ] millions of women agree...
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40 years ago this summer, richard nextson's presidency was unraveling and for the first time we are hearing a final batch of secret audio tapes that led to his fall. >> on those tapes we hear the phone calls he received after his first major national address on the watergate scandal. among them calls from two future presidents. abc's john donvan has been listening. >> reporter: april 30th, 1973. a night richard nixon needed friends. and then. >> hello? >> mr. president? >> reporter: a call from a future president,onald reagan.
3:10 am
the sook rhett phone recording system kicks in. >> hello, ron, how are you? >> not so good really. 16 months before the end. nixon announced resignations of close aides implicated in watergate. sacrificed to save him. reagan says. >> for what it's worth. we're still behind you out here and i wanted you to know that you are in our prayers. >> reporter: nixon comes back with a compliment. >> i so appreciate your calling and give my greatest love to nancy. ed how you you ever marry such a pretty girl? good god. >> i'm lucky. >> you're lucky. >> reporter: then another future president calls. >> george bush is on the phone. >> hello. >> hello? >> mr. president? >> that's h.w. bush. he had seen the speech too. >> i really was proud of you, and my golly, i know it was tough and i just wanted to till you that. >> reporter: nixon sounds anxious to wrap up. >> this is going to come through good and. >> okay, boy. >> a lot of people are rooting
3:11 am
for you. >> how good of-up to call. >> reporter: the tapes would spell the end of nixon in office despite what ronald reagan said when they wrapped up. >> ron, it's damn nice of you to call. >> this too shall pass. >> reporter: it did not. john donvan, abc new, washington. >> amazing, hearing the tapes knowing what is eventually going to happen. he is in the middle of it. april 30th, 1973, resend august 8, 1974. still over a year to go. year and a half to go from that moment. >> i'm sure after all of that. he thought maybe i am in the clear. >> yes. exhale. no. >> not at all. also, hearing tiny snippets of this. this apparently posted by national archives and record administration, 340 hours long. >> still to this day wondered why in the world were the tapes in existence. would you juwant those tapes? he knew about them. 700 hours remain sealed for national security reasons. >> over 1,000 hours of recorded
3:12 am
conversations we have. >> tapes under the desk. please turn them off. >> still to come, a "world news now" catwalk. >> hmm. make back to school shopping, a little easier with cool new fashions from macy's. >> ahead in our next half-hour, still a few weeks left for summer vacation. leaving your home unattended can be stressful. we have good tips to burglar-proof your house. you're watching "world news
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♪ back back to school ♪ >> it is that team of year millions of kids across the country ready to hit the book. fir taste will be hitting the stores. this morning a glimpse of some of the hottest become to school trend we can expect to see in the classroom this year. joining us macy's vice president, fashion director,
3:14 am
stephanie nielhausen. welcome back. my daughter going into fifth grade. went shopping for her school clothe tuesday. popular segment. everybody around the country doing it. we have a little show. gus from first grade. our first model. bring him out. tell uh what he is wearing. come on out, gus. don't be shy. come on out. come on out. you look great. i like the sneakers a lot. tell us about it. >> absolutely. gus is representing one of the most important trend for fall. about utility. camouflage. about cargo pocket details. utility details. so, to your point, loving his little top sneakers. >> give it to me. i will wear it. >> cargo pants from epic trends. t-shirt. >> big pockets are awesome. >> buff lalo jacket. cotton coating. >> too cool, too cool for school. >> you stole my word. >> gus, you are out of here.
3:15 am
very nice the you've look great. >> look great. >> sydney next. going into third grade. come on out, stydney. how cute. >> looking rocker chic. >> motorcycle girl. >> here the trend about leather or pleather. luxurious look of leather, right. loving her moto jacket. detail. ruffle idea. mixed media skirt. denim with little leather. peeking out. then she is ready to take her jacket off. guess what is on the back? lace. >> nice. >> isn't it great. lace overlay. all fabric mixing. >> cindy, a great model. professional moves here. >> absolutely. also about the pop of red. thank you, sydney. >> working it. we have tave next. going into sixth grade. tell us about tave. >> tave is also, actually sporting the utility look. >> cool look. >> we love it. jacket from levis in camouflage.
3:16 am
distressed denim. also a shirt from nike. can you open your jacket, tave. the metalling letters. then converse sneakers. >> could have been the outfit i was wearing way back when going into sixth grade. >> look for celebrities, musicianers and middle schoolers. right. >> thank you, tave. >> thank you, appreciate it. next up we have brianna, going into 11th grade. come on out, brianna. very beautiful. look at brianna. >> absolutely. sporting a look from mason jules, exclusive brands at macy's. here is about print and pattern mixing. loving this color block sweater. over a dot knit tee. and then the skinny ankle pant in navy is an important trend also for fall. and then one of my favorites. >> too cute. >> oxford shoes. >> what would you call that. see-through, mesh. >> transparency.
3:17 am
>> looks ready to go to college. not 11th grade. goodness gracious. excellent job. >> we have a teacher. why not? stacy first grade teacher. come on out, stacy. i feel like monte hall. calling out the guests. come on out. >> next contestant. >> oh. here is stacy with actually two of her previous students. so, stacy is sporting a look that's men's wear inspired. loving this jacket. one of our exclusive brand at macy's. so the tailored boyfriend jacket over the little tiered skirt, loving the olive skirt here. little femme fergie stop underneath and floral print. >> fantastic. if you had to qualify this year's. kind of classic, casual. >> absolutely. >> mixed. all about mix-and-match classics. with a modern twist. >> come on out, everybody. here we go.
3:18 am
>> yea! >> the whole class. >> telling you what. this is a -- honor roll right here. waiting to happen. top of the class. stephanie, thank you very much. appreciate it. thank all our lovely models did a great job. fiend a find all the fashions at macy's. you are watching "world news now," everybody. ♪
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>> welcome into "the mix." check it out. instagram put to good use. guy loses his phone. skater kids find the phone. take to instagram. and watch this. >> we found your phone. >> we found your phone. >> we found your phone. >> call this phone. >> so they got the video. they took the video on the guy's phone. posted it on his own
3:22 am
f figure's out he is missing his phone. they tell him where to meet it. >> those punks. they're good kids. not punks. >> really good kids. really creative. see huh they edited that. pretty nice. >> pretty cool. a individually that is probably on its way to going viral if not there all ready. we have seen a lot of funny routines on gym exercises people get into music and headphones. get a load of this guy. on an elliptical machine. watch this. >> work it. what did you say he was sensual? i would feel a little uncomfortable next to him. >> here it comes. >> what? what? oh. >> i'm too sexy. what is he listening to? >> the lady in the back ground isn't flinching. doesn't see hem. >> not hearing you, la-la-la. jeff monk captured the random dance routine. he posted it. we do not know the guy's name.
3:23 am
wow. 25,000 views and counting. i'm sure that is going to go crazy after this. i love it. >> we keep watching this for the next two minutes of "the mix." >> wonder if he will be mortified. >> i don't think so he will be mortified. oh! >> i don't think so. what am i thinking? >> moving on reluctantly. pretty cool picture we want to show you. a farm in new jersey. dale davis. his farm. decided he is trying to drum up a little interest in the governor's race in jersey, rather, excuse me in -- yes, in jersey. he decided he, he is, made a corn maze. looking at a corn maze of chris christie and his opponent, barbara buono, stony hills farm, so long as people pay they can come walk the maze. did it in '08, elephant/donkey. he wants people to get interesteden politic thousands. >> amazing creation. >> haet to say. kind of happy about the story the a guy driving too slow in
3:24 am
minnesota. gary lester, gary of lester prairie, minnesota. well court of appeals upheld what the police said. you are driving too slow. putting everybody else at risk.
3:25 am
3:26 am
this morning on "world news now" -- frightening allegations terrifying images. and new claims the syrian regime attacked its own people. with chemical weapons. >> a bizarre twist. in a case filled with questions. the family of the man accused of kidnapping hannah anderson wants to find out if he is her father. >> also, keeping your home and valuables safe when you are away. some important tips on making your house burglar proof. >> a short-lived tweet from dr. phil, sparking outrage this morning. the controversial question he posed about sex assault and alcohol. it is thursday, august 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez.
3:27 am
good thursday morning. we are beginning this half-hour with new concerns about the use of chemical weapons in syria. the u.s. and other countries are demanding u.n. inspectors be allowed in to investigate. >> the syrian government is denying any such attack took place. here is our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: the pictures are gut wrenching. the rebels fighting the regime say these are mothers, fathers, children, killed while they slept in their homes in a damascus suburb. they say the syrian regime fired rockets on its own people. rockets carrying poisonous gas, leaving the innocent convulsing, foaming at the mouth, suffocating. >> i would be very surprised if it turned out to be a fake. >> reporter: images are impossible to verify for certain and the assad regime denies the attack saying allegations are baseless. but we showed the pictures to a weapons expert.
3:28 am
>> the only explanation i can really see to this is this looks like this fellow's nerves have been, are being destroyed potentially by something like sarin. >> reporter: the white house said it is "deeply concerned." but the white house has said that before. almost a year to the day. president obama warning syria about crossing a red line. >> we have communicated no -- in no uncertain terms with every player in region that is a red line for us. >> reporter: but two months ago when the white house said the was convinced assad carried out a small-scale chemical attack, the red line seemed to blur. little was done in response. what is not debatable is the human toll. i want to show you some images -- thousands of families streaming out of syria, escaping the bloodshed. among them a child who will become the one millionth young syrian to flee. a sad milestone.
3:29 am
martha raddatz, abc news, cairo. >> there are new worries in egypt this morning. now that former president hosni mubarak is set to be released from prison after two years. the 85-year-old former leader is to be held under house arrest. many fear his release and last week's governmt crackdown may signal a return to the old regime. >> breaking news from san diego where embattled mayor bob filner reached a tentative settlement with a former aide who accused him of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances. there is no word on whether filner's resignation is part of the deal. it will be considered friday by the san diego city council. political insiders are saying they expect a special election campaign to begin as early as saturday. >> searchers in golden city, missouri found a body outside the town where a 12-year-old girl disappeared three days ago. friend say they last saw adrianna horton get into a vehicle at a park. the driver, bobby born jr. has been charge with her kidnapping.
3:30 am
adrianna's father said bourn worked for him. a positive id on the body could take a day. >> a twist in the hannah anderson kidnapping case. the sister of the man who abducted anderson claims he could be hannah's father. she wants a paternity test. brett anderson insists he its is hannah's real dad. a spoke person says neither he or hannah met joe dimaggio until she was six months pregnant with hannah. as things get back to normal at that atlanta area elementary school where an employee heroically takes down a gunman. this morning we are learning how heroic she was. antoinette tuff confronted michael brandon hill as he brandished an ak 47. called 911 stayed on the line and followed hill's orders and now we are hearing how deftly she reasoned with him. >> it's going to be all right, sweetheart. and i want you to know i love you. i am proud of you. it is a good thing you are giving up. just don't worry about it. we all go through something in life. >> hill had taken the gun from a friend's home carrying 500 round of ammunition. his family says he has an issue
3:31 am
and history of psychiatric issues and police say he told them he was off his medication. he told that to antoinette in the room together. >> the things she said to him just trying to reach him on a human level. calling him sweetheart, whatever it was, saying she loved him. she saved the day. just amazing. >> she did. >> to think he went outside firing shots at cops. she called hill back in. >> yes. i mean. she put herself above everything. >> she is the one that talked him into putting his guns down. >> yes. >> she is the one that talked him into getting down on the floor. during the 911 call hear how she is talking to him. he says, "tell the cops just to come in now." she says, "okay, we are going to do this nice and slow. he wants a drink of water. on the phone with dispatcher. the whole thing. gave him an outlet. all he wanted to do was have someone to listen to him. >> she reached him. she reached him somehow. yes at the end of the phone call where she finally, i think comes to realize what she had just been in. and she breaks down on the phone with the 911 dispatcher. >> just incredible.
3:32 am
>> yeah, we are all praying for her and mr. -- and more people like antoinette in schools. >> sure she doesn't want anything. the keys to city and something. deserves a ribbon. >> she gives all the glory to god. through the whole thing praying to him. >> somehow not surprised. >> not at all. amazing. >> amazing. >> the u.s. forest service, nation's top wildfire fighting agency says that it is running out of money to fight wildfires. more than 50 fires burning in the western states including the one in yosemite national park. abc's brandi hitt joining us from los angeles with more on this. brandi. >> good morning, john, diana. just as fire crews start gaining control over some wildfires out west there are new fires burning out of control and threatening hundreds of homes. this monster fire raging out of control near yosemite national park has burned more than 25 square miles. >> it's terrifying how unpredictable it is and how fast it is moving. >> it just breaks my heart. >> reporter: the rim fire is now
3:33 am
threatening 2,000 california homes, hotels and campgrounds. julie tresser believes her home is already gone. >> a lot of memories. weave avenue been up there for like 15, 18 years. >> reporter: with nearly 50 large fires now burning out west, the national preparedness level has been raised to five. the highest level since 2008. in montana, some families have lost everything. >> this is no longer any good. i like that antique stove. >> reporter: ron henderson's barn is home. but his home was spared. in washington state, this fire near leavenworth tripled in size, threatening dozens of homes. >> a lot of fuel on the forest floor here. >> reporter: fire crews say the dry conditions in a drought year are fueling explosive wildfires. including the beaver creek fire in idaho. after scoring nearly 170 square miles there is finally some good news. thanks to higher humidity levels, firefighters believe they will soon have it
3:34 am
contained. >> kind of laid down on the ground. it hasn't wanted to get in the crowns and run again. so -- we do feel pretty optimistic. >> reporter: the beaver creek fire and many others were sparked by lightning. and that is still a big concern. with red flag warnings extended here in california through this morning. john, diana. >> all right, take a look at the weather starting on the west coast. warm and clear for most of california. there will be some showers in the northwest. thunderstorms in the rockies. from the northern plains all the way into the northeast. showers across the southeast and in texas. >> going to be 100 degrees for you in dallas. into the high 80s. miami into boston. temperatures also in the 80s up and down the west coast and great lakes. >> we throw the title hero around a lot. but in this case, the title seems to be just right. >> the hero is 15-year-old michael shearer, doing work on a rural road in maryland the other day when he heard a crash. he ran to the scene and spotted a small fire under the vehicle. and a mother screaming her three children were inside the vehicle.
3:35 am
>> well, my first main thoughts were to get them out of the car. the whole time i was doing that. i was -- that was the only thing i was thinking about was the fire. and the amount of smoke that started spewing out of the car was getting ridiculous. i knew we was -- it was a race against time. >> great kid. right after they got out, all three kids, safely, shearer said the whole front of the car went on fire. the driver and kids suffered minor injuries. >> oh, my gosh. i can't even imagine a situation like that. the fact that he was so calm. he realized there was a situation, problem. ran there, smoke, got to get the kids out. this is going to be bad. got them all out safely. that's when the whole thing erupted. >> he was doing chores in his mom's front yard. thank god he had some chores to do. if he wasn't there, totally different. >> that's true. okay. coming up a former child star gets busted for dui once again. we're going to show you david cassidy's mug shot in the skinny. >> first, keep your home and possessions out of the hands of
3:36 am
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hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices, so we got our four-star hotels for half price. next up, hollywood! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ >> man: save big on car rentals too, from $11.95 a day. these final weeks of august are primetime for summer
3:40 am
these final weeks of august are primetime for summer vacations. that also means homes may be left vacant and vulnerable to thieves. >> abc's gion benitez found some simple steps you can take to protect your valuables while away. >> reporter: caught on camera, a thief summer setting into a family home. the family was away from the house. as the crook stole $1,000 of electronics. police across the country tend to agree, august is hot season for burglars from california to north carolina where four men ransacked a home. a family completely unaware. now, new ways to fight back from afar. even if nobody is home, you can still be watching from anywhere. using practically any device. so, tip number one. find a motion activated camera like this one. it captured a burglar entering a home. immediately sent a video to the homeowner's cell phone. >> first thing i thought. oh, my good is this really real? >> the fbi says most of the burglaries happen during the day. thieves making off with about
3:41 am
$2,000 in loot each time. tip two, convince thieves someone is home. here is a new device, fake tv. >> looks like some one must be home watching television. simple led lights the manufacturer says mimic a television set. if the crook thinks someone is home it is unlikely they will break in. that's exactly why lighting timers are a good idea. but you don't want the lights to turn on and off at the same time every day. so, tip number three. set multiple times for different days. to trick would be burglars. >> driving around paying attention to this looking to break into a home. they see this light going on at different times. make it difficult for somebody to pick your house. >> reporter: advice to protect your valuables in that treasured home. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc new, franklin lakes, new jersey. lots of tips really. >> good tips. sitting here looking at somebody else's house. if that's your house see people running around it. my goodness.
3:42 am
>> your heart drops you. don't know what to do if you are 1,000 miles away. call the police? call your neighbor? do you wait till they leave? do you try to get them while they're in there? the best tip, social media is so crazy. don't put anything on social media. >> hey. we're having a ball, yeah! >> wait until you get back. post it all on there at the same time. >> sad but true. yes. good advice. >> it's unfortunate. >> you never know whose neighbor's kid friend brother's friend happens to be connected to your facebook page. sees it the they're not so good. >> somebody you know. they do say that. >> some how connected to someone you know. >> right. >> exactly right. >> when we come back, "the skinny," and dr. phil's very controversial tweet. >> another dui for david cassidy and less-than-flattering mug shot. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. you are watching "world news now."
3:43 am
♪ ha ha haaa r, that's -- that's my goal. an organizer of, of, like do-gooders. a media mogul. just...rule the world. when i'm older, i want to be anything
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3:45 am
eh, not looking good there. the star was pulled over in upstate new york. faces felony charges. for this one. he had a previous dui in florida all according to tmz. 63 years old. arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. this was in new york early it is outside of albany. he had his high beams on. cops pulled him over. "what's up with the high beams? " took blood alcohol. .10. higher than the state's legal limit of .08. faces felony drunk driving charges because of the dui he had in florida. he's posted $2,500 bail. he's due back to court in september. this is, give you a tidbit. almost a little funny. awa awa -- according to albany times union, arresting officer's name was tom jones, what's new pussycat. and david cassidy heard the name and said "what's new pussycat?" oh, boy. >> jeez. >> is that what tipped off the cops, last time, maybe there is a problem? >> i don't know.
3:46 am
>> here is something that garnered a whole lot of attention on social media and otherwise. dr. phil posted a question on his twitter account that, a lot of people thought was inappropriate. the post basically said, if a girl is drunk is it okay to have sex with her? reply yes or no to @dr.phil. a lot of people on twitter thought this was incredibly inappropriate. one person said. one person said dr. oz was saving lives today. dr. phil was trying to hook up with drunk girls. if a person is a misogynist, is it okay just to refer to him as dr. phil from now on. very upset tweeters, obviously. dr. phil has the come out to say, in a statement, that this was taken way out of proportion. part of the, the statement says -- "this tweet was intended to evoke discussion leading into a serious show topic which based upon a recent news story hints at teen's accused label, a poll question, not a statement, not a joke. they insist we read the entire statement.
3:47 am
we, of course, do not have time. you can see the statement on abc >> twitter, don't have a lot of >> problem with twitter, you don't have a lot of room for context. got to be careful. maybe the best of intentions. >> i don't think he meant any harm. if you ask me. dr. phil is a very intelligent man. just poorly phrased. >> right. just came out too blunt in that kind of a one-line deal. >> twitter has the, unfortunately, that's what twitter is all about. >> right about that. dolly parton, expanding her dollywood resort. sound really cool -- wants to add a roller coaster. >> never been. have you been? >> never been. in the smoky mountains. been there a while. wants to also have a -- a resort and a part of a $300 million expansion. she wants to take it to the next level. and roller coaster. the big resort hotel. been her dream since she opened the park 28 years ago. going to start out with a resort of 308 rooms. they're going to have front porches at the resort. how cool is that. front porches?
3:48 am
>> i can deal with that. >> pretty cool. everybody in the lobby, greeted with lemonade in the summer. hot chocolate in the winter. >> nice. maybe that's where i need to go in the wintertime. >> down home. really quickly. don't have a whole lot of time. james franco getting his own tv show, by the way called, i lost it, believe it is called james franco presents. there you have it. >> all about -- >> franco. >> the life about franco. 3q
3:49 am
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♪ ♪ >> here is no secret -- being sick is no fun. no one know that better than children with chronic illnesses who have to spend a whole lot of time in the hospital. >> for one day children at a california hospital were made to feel they could fly from a group of special super heroes. and denise denoro of our california station was there. >> reporter: look up in the sky, super heroes scaling the walls at mattel's children's hospital outside ucla. >> awesome. i'm loving this day. >> reporter: at birth,
3:52 am
13-year-old angel weighed a little over a pound. he received five organ transplants, he had many set backs but feels transformed. >> i'm a big super hero fan. i have all of them. >> reporter: 4-year-old abby carr of bakersfield has heart failure. her pulse is quickening at the sight of the caped crusader. >> because -- because he is my favorite superhero. that's why. >> reporter: by day this spiderman, captain america and batman work for sundland window cleaning. the company is donating time and the costumes. but wearing the mask means you have to think quick because kids have a lot of questions. >> who is the easiest guy to take down? >> hmm, the joker. >> the joker. >> reporter: when you are chronically ill it forces you to grow up. the job of healing and recovery can be pretty intense when confined in a hospital for weeks even months. so a super hero distraction like this remind kids, well, that they're just kids. >> there is research done on
3:53 am
laugher and how it helps the body heal. watching the kids out here today, smiling, jumping up and down, talking with the super heroes. i think that's exactly what was going on. >> reporter: little abby can't help but feel there is nothing she can't do. >> it's good. it's really good. i love to see her smile. >> abby didn't like that mom was facing the camera. mom, mom. >> therapeutic for kids and parents. >> yeah. just great. fantastic, right? >> we want to tell you, next week, national dog day monday. we want to help you show off your best friend. >> send us the cutest pictures of your dogs. we'll share them on the air. should be a lot of fun. e-mail us at include your dog's name. your first name. your city and state. >> think we are going to do a little sharing of our own when it comes to the dogs. you -- >> i'm thinking about getting one. i had a dog otis. >> otis. >> he had his run. rest in peace, otis. greatest dog in the world. yeah, thinking of getting one. how about you guys?
3:54 am
>> ducis has allergies. no. >> bringing a picture of my cookie. >> your cookie, the dog you had when you were a kid. >> yes. >> cool.
3:55 am
3:56 am
making news in america this morning, political unrest. it's shaping up to be another contentious day in egypt, as the country's former leader could be released from jail at any moment. we're in washington with the latest. back to class where a gunman opened fire. as the wild 911 call to police. >> i'm in the front office. ooh, he just went outside and started shooting. >> this morning, a new look at what was happening amid that chaos. water and trees swallowed into a slurry. dramatic video showing the furious force of nature.
3:57 am
and these sunbathers get quite the surprise when something strange comes ashore. good morning thursday morning. we begin with the threat of more political turmoil in egypt. >> the country's hard line former leader, hosni mubarak, is expected to sun walk free from his prison. his release could re-ignite anger, which is just beginning to frad. abc's preeti arla is joining us this morning from washington. good morning, preeti. >> reporter: he is expected to be placed under house arrest. the situation could add fuel to the fire in a country seemingly on the brink of civil war. the death toll in egypt is staggering. now, fear of more tension. after two years in jail, waiting
3:58 am
for a retrial, ex-president, hosni mubarak could walk out of jail as early as today. >> it's horrible. it will cancel everything we've been through, all the killing, all the bloodshed. it's devastating. >> reporter: the move is seen by some as a blow to the 2011 revolution. it could also give more weight to allegations that last month's removal of the democratically-elected president by the military was a step towards returning to the old regime. the state department calls it an internal issue. >> it's working its way through the legal system there. >> reporter: senator john mccain made the case for cutting off more than $1 billion in aid to the key u.s. ally. the obama administration is still reviewing that possibility. >> the united states has influence. but if the united states doesn't use that influence, then it has no influence. >> reporter: egypt's prime minister knows losing the aid is a possibility. but hopes it won't happen. >> this will be a very bad sign. it will definitely affect the
3:59 am
military for some time. but nothing, people at least one of the benefit of being human, you can survive. >> reporter: the u.s. has been calling on the country to transition to a democratically-elected government. egypt's prime minister says the country could hold free elections within months. diana? >> preeti arla in washington for us this morning. thank you. the u.n. security council says it wants a thorough investigation into claims the syrian government used chemical weapons in an attack yesterday. activists released these graphic images of the alleged gas attack which they say killed more than 100 men, women and children as they slept. some reports put the death toll much higher. the government strongly denies using chemical weapons. breaking news overnight from san diego, where embattled mayor, bob filner, has reached a tentative settlement with a former aide who accused him of


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